Immersive Program Highlights

Immersive | 6,000 NPR / Month

TECHRISE focuses on maximizing the student's learning progress and providing various opportunities.

8 Personal Mentor Sessions per Month Learn Full Stack Web Development by Building Real Applications Ask questions and interact with community members Interview Preparation / Mock Interviews

Accelerate Your Learning

Learn to become a web developer through the immersive 8 week program. Have the full experience of working with a personal mentor twice a week, working on real-world projects, solving algorithm challenges, and attending extra workshops every other week to boost up your skills for your career. Our innovative platform combines an online curriculum, project based learning, passionate mentors, and a strong community that is always there to help accelerate your path to becoming a professional web developer.

Phase 1 Programming Fundamentals

Build the fundamental skills needed for web development as you learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ruby, and the command line.


Phase 2 Web Development Fundamentals

Build your first Ruby on Rails application
and learn the MVC framework.

Ideator screenshot

Phase 3 Ruby Challenges

Build your confidence with Ruby by solving real interview problems.

String compressor

Phase 4 User Features and SNS

Build a mock of Instagram, complete with photo uploading, user authentication, and other SNS features.


Phase 5 Javascript, APIs, and Advanced Rails

Build a fluid online movie review SNS by using AJAX, external APIs, and implementing software engineering best practices.


Phase 6 Testing and Test Driven Development

Learn the industry standard of Test Driven Development
to build tested, quality applications.


Learning at TECHRISE


Personalized mentor sessions

Receive 1 on 1 mentorship from your personalized mentor twice a week. Closely working with your mentor will help you overcome challenges quickly and will accelerate your path to becoming a web developer. Other than mentor sessions, we have review sessions every other week to make sure that you understand all of the concepts.


Opportunities to work on real projects

If you progress quickly through the lessons and demonstrate a great understanding, we may provide opportunities for you to gain experience working on real projects from actual companies and organizations. Using collaborative tools to work on a team will give you the experience and skills necessary to become a good developer.


Get your questions answered immediately

You have access to the online forum and Slack channel where you can ask questions anytime. Within our office hours, you will get an almost instant response. Get your questions answered and learn quickly!


Weekly Office Hours and Workshops

We hold weekly office hours where the community gathers virtually online and asks questions, while we try to answer them. We also hold virtual workshops to go in depth about certain topics.

Tuition Fees

6,000 NPR

1 on 1 Mentorship

Accelerate your learning with 16 personal mentor sessions. Having a personal mentor is the fastest way to learning quickly.

Project Based Learning

Build real web applications to develop practical skills and create a portfolio of projects.

Ask Questions Anytime

Clarify any questions you might have by asking them anytime. TECHRISE mentors will try to respond as quickly as possible.