Coding Bootcamps - a Revolutionary Model in the Developing World?

  • 08/02/2016

What are Coding Bootcamps Anyway?

Simply put, coding bootcamps are intensive training courses where students learn to become front- end/full-stack (both front and back end) developers. This accelerated learning style emerged largely in response to the increasing demand for programmers world wide. One of the pioneers would be for example Dev Bootcamp, which began in San Francisco in 2012 and ignited  the trend for coding bootcamps. This coding bootcamp phenomena is still most prominent in the US, while Europe and some other countries are catching on.

There are both online and offline bootcamps, or a mixture of both. Some bootcamps are ones where you convene in a certain venue,  where you spend the whole day coding, while some are online based ones where you check in with your mentor a couple of hours a week via skype. The duration of these camps can be as short as a few weeks to a couple of months long. However these programs typically last around 3 months, requiring a full 40-hour per week commitment.

TECHRISE Nepal IT Coding Programming

The price of these coding bootcamps? It usually ranges from approximately US $40,000 to US $22,000.  A comprehensive report on coding bootcamps based in the US and Canada tells us that on average people pay US$ 11,063 for tuition. There is no denying that’s quite a hefty sum of money. But still people willingly pull out their credit cards.

So what’s the hype all about?

These coding bootcamps usually promise you a flourishing career as a developer after going through their program - or at least a solid skill-set that can land you a programming related job. The statistics that we see seem to hold true. According to Course Report: 2014 Coding Bootcamp Alumni Outcomes and Demographic Study the average income for bootcamp graduates in the US and Canada, was $US 75, 965, and on avaerage people saw an income growth of 44%.

The investment - both money wise and time wise -  look pretty attractive now  doesn’t it? A salary like that after graduating from these bootcamps  − it’s no wonder people are rushing to enroll in coding bootcamps.

A Revolutionary Model

Coding bootcamps seem just like the thing that could help increase the employability of the youth − especially in developing countries. Imagine the opportunities coding bootcamps could bring to places where economic opportunities are scarce. It could open doors to careers that don’t restrict you by where you physically are. It would enable people to earn across borders without ever having to leave the country.

This could be a revolutionary model for low income or disadvantaged communities.

But the problem comes back to the fact that these coding bootcamps are JUST SO EXPENSIVE. So why don’t companies go and start these coding bootcamps in developing countries at a more affordable price? It’s probably possible. There seems to be a viable market with eager students ready to take on the challenges. When we launched the registration form for TECHRISE, we received nearly 70 applications in three days. Again this is just our assumption, but it’s probably because coding bootcamps are just so profitable in the US and other European countries, that there is no real incentive to begin one in developing countries. Though there seem to be a couple of bootcamp style coding training initiatives out there, they are largely led by nonprofits, and extremely limited in Asia. Some of the prominent ones are visible in Latin America and North Africa.

Wrap up

So these trending coding bootcamps that we hear so much about are slowly evolving out from the US market to the rest of the world. We expect this trend to continue, as coding bootcamps continue to produce graduates that actually obtain a career where they are paid more, are allowed more flexibility in their time, and are generally more satisfied with their lives. This is only the case in developed economies though. It seems like the industry as a whole very much excludes a large population in the world that would extremely benefit from this.

TECHRISE aims to revolutionize programming education in the developing world. By providing the coding bootcamp model to markets that cannot access the resources yet, we will introduce a new learning experience to passionate and motivated individuals.

TECHRISE Nepal IT Coding Programming

It would be interesting to see how the coding bootcamp model would scale out, as the internet continues to hold the potential to democratize education and job opportunities around the world.

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