How to Make Most out of your TECHRISE Learning Experience

  • 11/24/2016

Here are a couple of things we found that can make the TECHRISE learning experience all the more meaningful and effective. They are not only relevant to learning at TECHRISE, but really anywhere when learning how to code. We saw a significant amount of progress among the students who practiced these things actively, helping them to shoot ahead of their peers.

Ask questions to the Online Community

Don’t be shy about asking questions to the community, either through the online forum or Slack. The mentors and the TECHRISE community are there to support you throughout your journey. If you are stuck at a particular lesson, most likely students who already completed that lesson knows the answer. You can ask them directly, or dig through the forum to see if someone has already posted a reply to the question.

Come prepared with questions during Mentor Sessions

Mentor sessions are precious blocks of time where you get your mentor’s attention all to yourself. Make use of this time to the fullest by preparing a set of questions before the mentor session. Most likely you have already figured out smaller challenges through asking online, so now it’s time for the big ones! Most of our students have found the mentor sessions to be most helpful in accelerating their learning. Many students end their mentor sessions with a lot more clarity on what they are working on, and a newfound motivation to go through the following week.


If you have any questions related to coding, chances are that someone already has an answer for you online. The internet is full of resources especially for coders because by nature of people who are in the tech, many enjoy sharing their knowledge for free. So if you come across something you don’t know, don’t panic . You can check out your options through technical blog or sites like Stack Overflow. You will probably find most of the answers to your questions. In the long run being able to Google and search around for what you need would be a great asset, because once you learn the basics it’s more about digging around for solutions online and applying them. It’s great practice to start now!

Practice, practice, practice!

We say that the program is self-paced, but ultimately those who put most time in it are the ones who emerge as the best. The top graduates who are now working as TECHRISE Fellows spent at least three to five hours on the curriculum everyday on average. You would seem them online late into the night, working to complete lesson after lesson.

Be inquisitive and make what you learned your own

Finally, the most important thing is to not take each stage of the course simply as a step to completing the program. Because to programming, there is no real completion. It's a continuous process of learning something new.

I’m sure you have had an exam at school before which you crammed for at the very last minute. What was the result? You may have gotten a pretty good grade, but most likely you promptly forgot about everything you learned the moment you completed the exam.

If you take the same approach to learning how to code, the result will be the same. You may pass the quizzes after each lesson, or mark your lessons “completed”, but if you aren’t actually trying to understand and learn, you are repeating that exam you crammed for.

Although this may be difficult when you are rapidly progressing through new concepts, in the end it’s worthwhile.

TECHRISE is designed to help you understand and retain things effectively, while also giving that extra motivation boost to keep you going through the challenging material. We are there to guide you, and facilitate the best learning experience.

How you will take that on and use it to your own benefit - it's ultimately all upon you!

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