Introducing TECHRISE

  • 06/12/2016

We are super excited to introduce TECHRISE,  the coding bootcamp we will be launching in Kathmandu, Nepal this coming August. This would be the first ever coding bootcamp in the Nepal. As a new and growing initiative, we would love to share with you what we have in store. 
We hope this would give you a sense of what TECHRISE is and who we are!

What we do

1. Teach Nepali youths how to code

2. Help these youths access income opportunities

We think that this could lead to

  • Increased financial capability –Not only for the individual, but we also believe that the benefits could spill over to the rest of the family as well as the community. This could help increase the wellbeing of thousands in Nepal, a country considered to be one of the most impoverished in Asia.
  • Creating community driven solutions to local issues – We believe that people from Nepal know best about the social issues in the country and how to tackle them.  Capacitating the youth with the skills to build innovative tools can help them be the front-runners in social change.

To get a better understanding of where TECHRISE came from, let us start with our individual stories.

Our Story

Takehiro found his passion for coding when he enrolled in an online-coding bootcamp that promised to train students to become professional web developers in a matter of 3 months. True enough, just six weeks into the course, he found himself landed with his first paid coding job. Seeing the global demanding for programmers  and how quickly the skill translated into a paying job, he realized that coding could be hugely promising for individuals even in, no, ESPECIALLY in developing countries.

Having spent a couple of months in Nepal, we witnessed massive underemployment among the youth — to the extent that many took had to leave the country to seek work overseas. We knew many brilliant youths who were well educated, talented, and creative, but they just didn’t have the opportunities to earn enough.

An idea occurred to us:  If we taught our Nepali friends how to code, they would be able to access global income opportunities without ever having to leave the country. They would also be equipped with the skills to build scalable and practical digital solutions to the social issues they faced in Nepal. 

We know that educational and income opportunities don’t exist equally throughout the world.

We believe that talent and passion is though.

We really want to help bridge this gap.

And the solution that we came to is TECHRISE.

What we will be blogging about

Basically this blog will be talking about things related to the keywords Nepal, tech-startup, Nepal AND tech-startup, social business, social innovation, education, etc– basically the kind of words that would describe TECHRISE. We will be writing some things from our experience here in Nepal, but we won’t be bothering you too much with the details of our daily endeavors. Rather, the purpose of this blog is to help you understand more about TECHRISE through drawing from some of the concepts and practices already out there.  So if you’re interested in knowing more about the startup and tech scene in Nepal, or social business and social innovation in developing countries, we implore you to follow us through this journey!

Of course comments and feedback are more than welcome. We look forward to hearing from you!

We sure are excited, and we hope you are too!!


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