Never Lose Track of Your Tasks Again : Project Management Like a Pro with Trello

  • 09/10/2016

Looking for an awesome tool that will help you manage your project like a pro? We’ve got an answer for you - and that’s Trello.

Trello is an app that enables the team to keep track of tasks and organise them in any way they want.The great thing about Trello is that though it’s simple enough for anyone to use, there are so just so many ways in which it can be utilised. Depending on how creative you can get, you can manage various projects with just this one app.

TECHRISE uses Trello too, and we absolutely love it. It not only helps us visualise each individual’s task and its progress, but it also keeps us accountable because everyone on the team can view the board.

What is Trello?

Again, Trello is an amazing task management software  that can be used in various scenes in project management. Trello was inspired by Toyota’s Kanban System, which helped increase their productivity rapidly and help Toyota grow into one of the biggest companies in Japan.

How Does Trello Work?

Essentially with Trello, you can organize tasks in index cards and move them around as you wish to track the responsibility or progression of each task. Individuals and teams will be able to see the overall picture of what has to be done, and offer their expertise where it is needed most.

- Boards -

Boards are used to separate different categories or topics. You can have various boards in a company, each involving different people and addressing different subjects.

- Lists -

Lists can belong to individuals or can express different phases in the work flow. For example, there can be three separate work phases such as “To do”, “ Doing”, and “Completed”.

- Cards -

The card is where you write certain tasks or information. You can move these cards around the list to see who the tasks belongs to, or at what stage that task is at.

Ways you can use Trello

The Basic

This is one of the most basic ways of using Trello: Dividing the workflow into lists that say something parallel to “To Do”, “Doing” and “Done”. This is the most active Trello board on TECHRISE.

Content Marketing

You can have a board called “Content Marketing” and have different lists that each signify a certain stage in the whole work flow. Like the example below, you can divide the content marketing process into “Ideas”, “Research”, “Writing” and “Edits and Images”, “Published” to systematically work through your content creation.


Trello is useful for keeping track of Sales too! You can create a pipeline all the way from “Leads”, “ Contacted” to “Sales Closed”. This way every process is tracked and you will never have to revisit multiple calendars or notes again to manage your sales.

How we use Trello

Writing Cards With User Stories

User stories are essentially a couple of sentences that describes the task using the format, “As a <type of user>, I want to <some goal> .” This is usually used whenever a new feature is being implemented in an application by an engineer, to explain the functionality from the user’s point of view, We use User Stories for Trello too, because it makes it easier for the team members to see at the glance by who is in charge of what task.


We created labels for low, mid level and high priority tasks. We use these different color coded labels so we can immediately tell what has to be worked on ASAP and what can be worked on later.

Other Pro-tips for using Trello

Due Dates

Ever had a time when you realised that you haven’t even begun a task that was due that day? With Trello, you won’t ever have to worry anymore because now you can add in due dates for each specific task. Simply click on the card, and you can use the navigation on the right to set a due date.

Check Lists

Checklists are another pro-tip you can use to manage your team on a new level. Create lists of things that need to be done, and check them down with no fuss! You can make these in each card so that everything related to the task can be managed within the card.


Collaborate and make suggestions through commenting on one another’s cards. You can always invite others to that task, simply @mention them in the comment. You can also drag and drop their icons and assign them a role.

Hope that this introduction to Trello has inspired you to start Trello today, and start managing your project like a pro! Even if you have have never done project management before, this tool can make your experience a hundred times easier. You can sign up for Trello here. (It’s free of course!) The more creative you get, the more uses you will find with it so keep exploring!

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