Review of Tech Talks #1 "Becoming a Good Developer" - Written by Yankee Maharjan

  • 08/28/2017

Tech events in Kathmandu takes place every other day, and one will be overwhelmed by all the places one could go to and all the people one could network with. After all, these events are all about learning and networking. So, what do you do when you have too many options? First, find the one that’s nearest to you. Second, just go and have fun. No event you attend will be a waste as you will be continuously learning from someone who has firsthand experience in the field. The other day TECHRISE organized Tech Talks#1 “Becoming a Good Developer” featuring Neha Suwal.

Now if you are someone who is interested in IT or pursuing a career in IT, the title of the event will immediately catch your attention. The skills required in IT industry are no doubt programming/problem solving skills- in essence, skills to becoming a Good Developer. Why a Good Developer? Because you shouldn’t be delivering a crappy product! That’s one of many things I’ve learned from the event. The event took a wild turn during the Q&A session and it got divided into two unplanned sessions.

First Half

The event kicked off with Neha Suwal talking about her journey from someone who had interest but no knowledge of programming to becoming a Senior Product Manager in just two years. It was a pretty interesting story about how she wanted to grow as an individual without seeking help from her relatives as it’s common and too easy to get somewhere - ‘Power Lagayera.’ I admire her for not taking the easy way. Her story revolved around hopping from one company to the next as the feeling of self-growth wasn’t there - until she ended up at Jyasaa. Another thing to learn here: you should always be working on things that contributes to your growth . Overall, I didn’t quite learn about becoming a good developer but I did learn about the power of perseverance! And that will take people to great lengths than just becoming a good developer.

So I popped this question during Q&A session: “What level of technical skillset should one have before joining an IT company?” which lead to the start of second half.

Second Half

The second half kicked off with great enthusiasm and energy as Mr. Kapil Raj Nakhwa (Co-founder of Jyaasa) started the presentation on “Professionalism in Software Engineering.” He, like most of the speakers I’ve seen in Tech Meets, talked about how unprofessional we Nepali people are working in the IT field. We set unrealistic time scales, have bad scope management, put spaghetti code in our product, we have poor testing and transparency and later on we deliver crappy products. This doesn’t apply to all, but we can’t deny that there are many companies that falls under these characteristics.

So being a professional Software Engineer means excelling at these things:

  • Great communication
  • Always being ready
  • Using the best practices for efficiency
  • Using proper management tools
  • Learning to automate things
  • Building well-crafted software
  • Extreme Quality Products
  • Adding value to the product
  • Honest Estimates
  • Inexpensive adaptability
  • Productive partnership
  • Continuous Improvement (Code, Yourself, System)
  • Mentorship

He addressed the ongoing debate on how we programmers compare the languages we practice and criticize the other. “You don’t listen to doctors comparing knives and saying this knife is the best to cut open a heart”, he said. It’s not about the tools you use but the value you provide with the products you create. Developers have to raise the bar instead of just delivering the product that they are meant to deliver, they should also focus on providing value and craft the product with utmost quality. Learning never ends, and one should be interminably learn to polish himself and his skills. With every skill you attain, you’re just a step away from becoming a Good Developer.

It was a great session and we learned many of essential things in the world of software development. Programming is not as fancy as I thought like I saw on Instagram, where a person sits in front of his shiny MacBook sipping a cup of coffee. When it comes to delivering real life products, you really have to maintain a high standard as you could be doing more damage to the client than providing value to them. This event motivated me personally to polish my programming and soft skills as I felt like we beginners have a lot more to learn. I hope TECHRISE organizes these events more often.

Written by Yankee Maharjan

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