Want to become a superstar coder? This is how you can in two months with TECHRISE

  • 07/23/2016

How does TECHRISE create superstar coders?

TECHRISE is  the first coding bootcamp in Nepal ( check out this blog post for more information on coding bootcamps),  and our goal is to create web developers in just  2 months. 

One month into our course, our students are already showing their superstar qualities. Some have mastered cloning Instagram perfectly, some have created their own original web application, and some others are currently working on a project outsourced from Canada. All in a matter of four weeks. 

 Let’s take a look behind the scenes to see what makes TECHRISE work.

1. The Curriculum

The TECHRISE curriculum is created from original TECHRISE courses and external resources that we think does the best job. We believe that project-based learning  is an extremely effective way to learn. That’s why we added in more projects for students to complete − so they can fail fast and improve quickly.

Another important point about the TECHRISE curriculum is that it is especially designed for non-native English speakers. While many of the online coding bootcamps today are largely targeted to western countries where English is the main language spoken, TECHRISE uses language that is a lot simpler and easier to follow.

2. TECHRISE Flashcards

Spaced repetition is a learning technique that helps with memorization, by presenting previously learned material in intervals – longer intervals for information that you were not able to recall, and shorter, for those that you couldn't. This review process is crucial; according to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, you've forgotten 74% of what you newly learned by the next day.

We implemented a spaced repetition algorithm so students can create their own TECHRISE flashcards. Based on how well they recalled each card when reviewed, the flashcards will pop up again later at different intervals. The flashcards that the student got wrong would appear in a couple of hours or days, while the cards that they got correct would appear again at a much longer interval.

TECHRISE is the first coding curriculum to combine programming lessons and spaced repetition software together.

3. One-on-one mentor sessions

Tutoring is one of the most result -producing instructions for learning. According to multiple studies conducted from the 1980s (the most recent study we are referring to is from 2006 “The Two Sigma Problem: The Search for Methods of Group Instruction as Effective as One-to-One Tutoring”), it was clear that individual tutoring trumped conventional classroom style learning (tests were given periodically) and mastery learning (corrective procedures were administered after tests) to yield higher achievements – in fact, two standard deviations (sigma) above the conventional style!

The TECHRISE model too, incorporates this individual tutoring/mentoring to help students overcome challenges they are facing and providing guidance on their projects. We are especially here to support students overcome the initial learning curve, where many first-time coders literally don’t know what’s going on (or what they have gotten themselves into!) .

 4. Community

The idea of the TECHRISE community is to have a large pool of knowledge and resources that students can access to, when learning to code or trying to get a job in the IT field.  The high quality and calibre of the community is assured by one thing -  Pre-Screening. We pre-screen students through a set simple HTML/CSS assignments, which can be completed even by a beginner if they have the right motivation. By selecting only those that are passionate about web development and are eager to learn, we make sure that the community is full of highly driven individuals that are willing to help one another. 

There is an online community as well as opportunities offline, where current students and former students can interact. One of the conceptual phrases here is termed Peer Learning − which is pretty self-explanatory.  Peer Learning is essentially the process of learning from peers in both formal and informal ways, which also encompasses providing emotional support to one another. Having a strong community provides the much needed motivation boost along with the more technical help. We also hope that this young and vibrant community of talent can be a starting point for collaboration to build out viable businesses, or creative solutions to the social issues they face in Nepal.

These are the 4 pillars of our TECHRISE learning system. Many of the learning concepts we threw out here like project-based learning, spaced repetition, peer learning are obviously not limited to coding. It’s pretty intuitive if you think about it, but the challenge is always whether we can implement it in our daily learning system. Part of why we were so intrigued by the idea of incorporating all these learning methods under one roof as TECHRISE was because while we had seen many coding bootcamps focus on either one of them, we had rarely seen all of them compiled into one.
 By constantly implementing feedback and refining our curriculum, TECHRISE hopes to help many more youths become superstar coders.

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